Graham Mulligan – Chairman / Executive Director
Mr. Mulligan has considerable experience as a senior executive / director in international petroleum, infrastructure and transport industries. He has held a number of senior executive roles including CEO of Port of Brisbane Corporation and MD of Port of Wellington Limited. Graham joined the board in 2009.
Gary Chalmers – Executive Director
Mr. Chalmers has served in varied roles with Chalmers since 1982 and holds the executive role of Director – Container Services. Gary has served as a Director of Chalmers Limited since 1990.
   Peter Brannighan – Non-executive Director
Mr. Brannighan has financial expertise in a range of industries – predominantly a financial role.  He joined the board in February 2015 as a non-executive director.
  Layton Daglish – Non-Executive Director
Mr. Daglish joined the board as a non-executive director in February 2015. He has significant experience in logistics, warehousing and primary industry.