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How Improper Supply Chain Management Affects The Bottom Line

Date Published September 21, 2012|Published By admin

In recent economic times we’ve seen how increasingly competitive business has become with many companies attempting to diversify and enter new markets. An essential component of a businesses’ survival is the reliability of their supply chain management…

Uncovering Hidden Costs In The Importing And Exporting Process

Date Published September 21, 2012|Published By admin

There are some obvious costs involved in importing and exporting, such as transport and storage. However there are many other hidden fees that you may not be aware of, or that are more costly if processed by the wharf rather than a logistics and supply chain company.

To help keep you in the loop with what you’re paying for (and to try and make some of these hidden fees not so hidden) we’ve put forward a few processes that some less experience importers and exporters tend to overlook when adding up their costs.

Smooth Sailing: The Integrated Approach

Date Published September 21, 2012|Published By admin

The Shipping and Freight Industry is teeming with companies who are able to complete some of the logistical and supply chain management needs of companies, small and large. However many fail to complete each stage, offering a stilted and often time consuming approach, rather than integrated one. An integrated approach makes far more sense, in terms of tracking, costs, organisation, security and time.