Smooth Sailing: The Integrated Approach

Date Published September 21, 2012|Published By admin

The Shipping and Freight Industry is teeming with companies who are able to complete some of the logistical and supply chain management needs of companies, small and large. However many fail to complete each stage, offering a stilted and often time consuming approach, rather than integrated one. An integrated approach makes far more sense, in terms of tracking, costs, organisation, security and time.


It is understandably important to many businesses to be able to track their goods as they arrive at a port, are processed and delivered. Being able to log onto a site and follow your goods is essential to smooth running of your business, and ours. In a company with integrated management of logistics and supply chain the tracking process is far easier, leaving no hidden gaps of time between transfers and important stages.

Technology is now available for GPS tracking to be live on all transport vehicles, giving businesses the ability to see their stock in ‘real time,’ rather than having to wait a couple of days for updates to be entered and fed through a system.


When you are dealing with one company you are able to have a quote that encompasses every step of the process, rather than having to take into account numerous bills. Companies, who are able to supply all necessary services, are often able to provide them at a lower rate as they can absorb overall expenditure. We look at hidden costs more in an upcoming article.


Importers, exporters and freight forwarders may encounter organisational cumbrances when dealing with multiple companies. The multifaceted steps of moving your goods internationally are often interlinked, so a company able to complete them all is in the best position to service your needs. Rather than having an integrated company offers one easy process.


The process of importing or exporting can be a stressful one, with multiple stages of movement and storage of your goods. An integrated approach means that there are fewer ‘middle men’, responsible for your products. The ability to immediately pick up, process and store or deliver products results in a more secure process.


With the import and export industry being heavily deadline based, time becomes a valuable asset to these business owners and is actively sought after. When your transport provider is integrated with various other logistic processes, you’ll find they are willing to offer better assurances and guarantees on the delivery of your cargo. In an integrated chain, there is no one to ‘pass the buck’ to if things go wrong, so they hold themselves accountable and always put the correct systems in pace to mitigate the risk of late departure or arrival.