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Welcome to Chalmers

At Chalmers, we aim to provide you with the very best and most consistent service in transport and logistics, whether you’re an Importer, Exporter or Freight Forwarder. Our strong focus on implementing the latest technology has allowed us to offer a complete package solution to our customers, so you can spend more time using your skills to manage your business.

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Chalmers offer the following SERVICES


We offer a complete transport package to ensure we provide efficient solutions for both importers and exporters.

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Our team of freight handlers take care to consolidate and deconsolidate your general and specialised cargo efficiently…

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Because of our bonded storage warehouses, we can transport and hold your bonded or un-quarantined cargo at our personal storage facilities.

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Technology plays a key role in today’s business environment. Chalmers is no different and prides itself on employing state-of-the-art technology across all services,

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Our Victoria container park is located just 7km from the Port of Melbourne, while our Queensland facility is situated right in the heart of Brisbane’s Port District.

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